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Centrifuges and crushers for metal chips

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In mechanical engineering there is increasingly topic of treatment of metal chips after machining, especially itc economic and ecological aspect. Interest of each company focused on metalworking is to reduce fixed costs by spinning of the chips and filtering extracted cutting oils and emulsions and further increasing their profits by selling dried fine chips or briquettes in foundries.

The modular design of the machines and whole lines enables the customer to design the optimal solution for the processing of this waste: switching SPS cabinet for fully automatic 3-shift operation, lifting and tilting equipment for the container, crusher, dosing conveyor of dried chips in cargo containers and silos. LANNER® also designs, develops and programs individual SPS controllers for each machine. This ensures that all systems components work together perfectly during operation.

LANNER® company provides trials of crushing and spinning of the chips. Upon completion of the test, a comprehensive test report is issued, including recommendations for the most suitable device of LANNER® system. A complete set of documentation is part of each deliery. Machines comply with the latest UVV, VDE, WHG and EN standards.

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ME – centrifuges with manual drum change

obr upraveny

DS and Paramax centrifuges


LANNER® crushers of the chips


Vetamat© complete equipment


LANNER® briquetting press


Vacoline and Fluidline


Conveyors, screens ans silos